Todd Chrisley claims he “fallen short” of God’s standards and turned into a “slave” of wealth.

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NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Todd Chrisley acknowledged that in the past he had “fallen short” of God’s expectations and had turned into a “slave” to money and the pursuit of financial success.

During the most recent episode of his podcast “Chrisley Confessions,” which he co-hosts with his wife Julie, the “Chrisley Knows Best” reality star said, “God has literally taken me to a place where I have so much peace with no longer worrying about trying to please or trying to meet the expectation of someone else,” last Friday. “God is the one I wish to fulfill my expectation of. God anticipates that I will behave honorably, decently, and morally. He anticipates that I will keep my word, take charge of my family, set a good example for my wife and kids, and lead by example.”

He claimed he’d always made an effort to do that “However, I fell short of that because I really didn’t give God the praise for all that we were doing because I thought I was the one doing the work. I was the one getting out of bed every morning and staying up late at night, not realizing that God was the one supplying me with the strength to do so.”

He claimed to now have “He “got lost” and couldn’t “tell the difference between my self-worth and my net worth, so he submitted” all of that to God. And as my net worth increased, I became less concerned with my own worth. since that financial worth served as the foundation for everything.”

On April 2, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada, TV personalities Todd Chrisley, left, and Julie Chrisley attend the 52nd Academy Of Country Music Awards at Toshiba Plaza. (Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for ACM/ACMA2017)

Due to their June convictions for bank fraud and tax evasion, Todd and Julie Chrisley might go to jail. In October, they will be given a sentence.

“You know you become a slave to the things that you thought were going to bring you peace,” he said, “you know you have all these cars that you’ve got to maintain, all these houses that you’ve got to maintain, and these trips that you have to do in order to keep up with everyone that’s around you that’s in your social network.”

Because he finally understood that he wasn’t competing with anyone else but himself, he claimed that he no longer feels the need to outperform everyone else.

The "Chrisley Knows Best" stars were found guilty on all counts of tax evasion and bank fraud stemming from 2019 indictment. Pictured in Season four promotions.

The “Chrisley Knows Best” stars were found guilty on all counts of tax evasion and bank fraud stemming from 2019 indictment. Pictured in Season four promotions. (Tommy Garcia)

He said that he and his wife have a “lot of heartache in our life but we also have a lot of light. We have a lot of promise.” Along with their legal woes, he said their parents are having health issues.

Chrisley added that its important to “never give up hope. When you lose hope thats when youve got to really know youve hit bottom. Because without hope, where do you go?”

Julie Chrisley said that what gives her hope is knowing the “storm that were going through right now eventually its going to end exactly the way that God intends for it.”

 Todd and Julie Chrisley with three of their children, grandchild and Todd's mother.

Three of Todd and Julie Chrisley’s children, a granddaughter, and Todd’s mother. Donald Leupold

They both believed that their difficulties had strengthened their marriage. For me personally, Todd remarked, “I feel like my marriage is the strongest that it’s ever been.” For the first time in my life, I feel like my marriage is nourishing a part of me that I wasn’t even aware was hungry.

Since the very beginning, you and I have worked as a team, Julie said. For both of us, this circumstance and our current stage of life have demonstrated that God’s plan is more important than our own.

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