Tuesday’s primaries in New York and Florida test the redrawn political boundaries.

In tight House elections in New York and Florida, voters put an end to intra-party squabbles and chose the Democratic candidate to go on Florida’s fiery Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, this fall.

NBC News predicted that Rep. Charlie Crist will triumph in Florida’s Democratic primary for governor. The former Republican governor who switched to the Democratic Party easily defeated Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried.

NBC News predicted that Rep. Val Demings will defeat two-term Republican Sen. Marco Rubio in the Democratic primary for the Senate in Florida.
Rep. Daniel Webster won the House GOP primary in a red district despite facing a more difficult than anticipated campaign from far-right activist Laura Loomer.

In the meantime, New Yorkers go to the polls to decide the winner in a widely watched special House election in a fiercely contested suburban district.

Jerry Nadler, the chair of the House Judiciary Committee, was handily elected to Congress by Manhattan Democrats after defeating Carolyn Maloney, the chair of the House Oversight Committee. After their districts amalgamated, uniting Midtown with the Upper East Side and Upper West Side, only one could advance.

Photo illustration: Images of Jerry Nadler, Carolyn Maloney and Ron DeSantis against a grid with the maps of New York and Florida surrounded by blue and red dots.

Nadler, who voted in the Upper West side, told NBC News that his advice to New Yorkers is to go to the polls. He described himself as the more progressive candidate with higher moral principles.

Nadler stated that he intended to continue serving as the committee’s top Democrat. I want to prove that our nation has a democratic system with a little d. Our position on the Judiciary Committee puts us in a prime position to counter that threat with voting rights legislation.

Democratic Rep. Mondaire Jones is fighting off affluent attorney Dan Goldman and a number of progressive candidates in Lower Manhattan in a contest that former President Donald Trump has attempted to influence. According to NBC News, that election was too close to call going into Wednesday.

However, a House special election in the Hudson Valley that pitted Democrat Pat Ryan against Republican Marc Molinaro in a bellwether district that has frequently mirrored the mood of the country during election cycles has drawn the majority of national attention.

According to NBC News, Ryan, who highlighted abortion rights, defeated Molinaro.

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, the head of the Democratic Party’s electoral committee, resides in a nearby district and is the focus of the New York primary elections. According to NBC News, he defeated progressive challenger Alessandra Biaggi. Additionally, he is in charge of safeguarding the Democrats’ precarious House majority in the upcoming election.


Sean Patrick Maloney promised in an interview on Monday that after the primary is done, Democrats will come together like never before to oppose Republicans in the Nov. 8 midterm elections.

Because we are aware of the risks associated with a MAGA movement that wants to restrict the right to abortion, do nothing when children are shot and killed in schools, and overlook or even promote attacks on our democracy, Maloney added.

The primaries were established as a result of judges imposing a new, more competitive map in place of an older one created by state Democrats. When Maloney decided to run in a district that overlapped Jones’ current one, several members of his party objected, forcing his colleague to run in a new area.

He stated that Nadler and Carolyn Maloney are friends and colleagues. Both parties have a lot to be proud of. And I send them both good vibes. In addition, I’ll leave the decision to the voters.

On Tuesday, Florida will also hold its primaries, which will include a number of heated races for open House seats. They include a competitive campaign for a newly drawn Democratic-leaning open district in the Orlando region as well as a struggle for a Republican-leaning seat left vacant by Democrat Stephanie Murphy.


The Hudson Valley election tested the relative potency of two opposing forces: the Republican-elevating force of President Joe Biden’s unpopularity and the economic pain of inflation vs the Democratic-elevating force of the Supreme Court’s overthrow of abortion rights.

Given that the district has recently switched sides, the outcome may reveal clues about the state of the nation.

Both party strategists are downplaying their chances in the Hudson Valley race because they are both concerned about voter participation for various reasons. Republicans are concerned that the election’s proximity to the New York primary could hurt their chances by boosting Democratic turnout, while Democrats are wary about irregular voters in their base who frequently abstain from non-presidential races.

Too many things are unknown. A GOP operative working on the special election stated, “There are so many variables.” The temptation to claim that this is the bellwether will undoubtedly exist. But according to every survey we’ve seen, the economy, crime, and the border are the three topics on voters’ minds right now.

The operative, who was given anonymity so that they could speak openly, said: “So I wouldn’t read too much into any Roe messaging.”

Sean Patrick Maloney laughed when asked about Republicans’ decreased hopes for the special election, saying it was a sign that they were realizing they were in serious difficulty.

They are aware of their predicament and deserve it. Their extreme gun control and choice policies are paying off, he claimed. Therefore, I believe that the Republicans must win this; else, they will have a lot of explaining to do.

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