Veteran Marine with two amputees emphasizes giving back to the country “in a different way.”

Brandon Rumbaugh spoke on “Fox and Friends Weekend” to talk about his road to recovery and how staying organized and exercising have aided him.
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On “Fox and Friends Weekend” on Sunday morning, Brandon Rumbaugh talked about how he kept fit despite serving in the military and after being a double amputee.

It is evident that his resilience and fortitude have kept him healthy in every aspect, which is something that anyone can do, regardless of their situation, especially with him and others as role models.

Rumbaugh lost both of his legs while serving in Afghanistan; Johnny Joey Jones, a Fox News contributor, was also there in the hospital.
The two of them, according to him, have improved significantly in terms of their fitness and recovery. That, he said, “makes me happy.”

The Semper Fi and America's Fund has helped over 28,000 veterans around the country since its beginnings.

Since its inception, the Semper Fi and America’s Fund has assisted more than 28,000 veterans around the nation. (AP Photo/File: David Goldman)

He claimed that CrossFit was helpful in his recuperation process.
According to their website, the Semper Fi and America’s Fund “was founded by a caring group of military spouses.”
Together with other spouses and retired service people from all branches of the military, those same ladies now manage The Fund.
Rumbaugh underlined that the program has assisted over 28,000 veterans across the nation.
“We can achieve anything if you just put your mind to it and go in there and do it.”

He stated: “It’s absurd. There are veterans today who are unaware of us “He asserted that they must do this in order for them to receive the assistance and support they merit.

The quickest method to learn more about the organization, according to him, is to visit, the website. Anyone can contribute to aid American veterans.

“Being able to exercise in the gym to vent some of “the” anger and fury We can do anything if you just put your mind to it and take action “Added he.

andquot;Everything is circuit-based,andquot; noted Brandon Rumbaugh about CrossFit. andquot;Not only are we working on muscles, we're getting our cardio up and our breathing up as well.andquot;

When referring about CrossFit, Brandon Rumbaugh said, “Everything is circuit-based.” We’re increasing our cardio and breathing as well as our muscle-building efforts. (iStock)

On Sunday, July 31, 2022, he performed some key presses while using kettlebells with the “Fox and Friends Weekend” co-hosts.
They worked on their abs in addition to developing their muscles.
Regarding CrossFit, he remarked, “Everything is circuit-based.”
We’re going to increase our breathing and cardio in addition to our muscle-building efforts.
The trick, according to him, is to “keep moving, keep that heart rate up.”
We offer individualized case management, linkage, and lifetime support to all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.
He responded, “We served in the Marine Corps and did our time.

“But by demonstrating to the public that we are still in the struggle, we are now providing a different service to our nation and its citizens. We remain here “said him.

Rumbaugh added, “These veterans all around the country need support and assistance.
When it comes to working out and being healthy, he stated, “it’s all about movement.”
According to the organization’s website, “Semper Fi and Americas Fund caring for our nations critically wounded, ill, and injured service personnel, veterans, and military families.”
“We offer individualized case management, connectivity, and lifetime support to all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. Together, today and tomorrow.”

In addition, the group states that “The Fund guarantees that service personnel and military families receive the support they need during their recovery and throughout transition back to their communities.”

View the video at the top of this post or click here to access it to learn more about the Semper Fi and America’s Fund.
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