Watch as a record grapefruit-sized hailstorm pummels a car as three people shelter inside.

The horrifying moments when their car was pounded by enormous hailstones during a thunderstorm in Alberta are remembered by Gibran Marquez Cedillo, John Tezcan, and Karlee Bertsch.

Edmonton, Alberta The onslaught of grapefruit-sized hail during a thunderstorm that would go on to establish a Canadian record forced three people in Alberta to seek refuge inside their vehicle on Monday.

The three companions are captured on camera by Gibran Marquez Cedillo caught in the storm outside of Red Deer as the huge hail shatters the windshield and side glass.

One of the passengers, Karlee Bertsch, told FOX Weather, “Well, my initial thought was to take cover, cover your head.” “But as soon as it happened, windows all around began to break. There was just so much terror that it just kept coming quicker and faster.”

A 15-MINUTE BARrage seemed to go forever. The car’s owner, Bertsch, claimed that after being pelted by the hail, her vehicle sustained significant damage.

Car damaged by large hail

After being hit by a record hailstorm in Alberta, Karlee Bertsch’s automobile is damaged and sitting there.
Invoking Gilbran Marquez Cedillo

“It is my car. Only two of the windows remain, the one on my passenger side and the one behind me “Bertsch remarked. Every item has dents.

John Tezcan, a different traveler, told FOX Weather that it seemed as though the terrible weather event would never finish.

Tezcan remarked, “I assume it was around the 15-minute mark, but how it felt was like an eternity. “You just kind of keep your head down and hope for the best.”

The three were returning from a hot, summer day at the Calgary Zoo when the storm caught them off guard, according to Cedillo.

Cedillo remarked, “It was just one of those things that hit us out of nowhere.” “How seriously could you take it when the tornado warnings came in about five to ten minutes earlier but we were seeing sunshine?”

the only sustained minor wounds and survived.

We have a few minor cuts here and there, and I have several from the way I turned my body to shield (Bertsch) from the glass, Tezcan added. “I got hit in the ribs a few times, and Jebran got hit in the head by a piece (of hail) rebounding off the seat.”

A CANADIAN RECORD IS SET BY HAILSTONE The ground was covered in hailstones ranging in size from a grapefruit to a softball when hail researchers with Western University’s Northern Hail Project, who were pursuing the storm, arrived around 20 minutes after the cell had passed. For analysis, they gathered enough stones for seven bags.

They focused on one stone in particular, and sure enough, it was would go on to set a Canadian national record , the biggest and heaviest hailstone ever recorded.

The stone’s diameter was 125 millimeters (4.84 inches), and its weight was 292.71 grams (10.3 ounces).

That is still nothing compared to the hailstones found in the United States, where the largest hailstone ever recorded was 7 inches and was discovered near Vivian, South Dakota.

In Alberta, Canada, hail the size of a grapefruit shatters car windows while people are inside.

INSIGHTS: PULL OVER, GET DOWN ON ALL FEET, AND RIDE OUT THE HAILSTORM If you ever find yourself outside driving in such a storm, pull over and stop the car like this group did. Driving increases the impact of hailstones on your vehicle, according to according to hail safety tips of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

While stopping beneath an overpass could seem alluring, safety experts advise against doing so since you could cause traffic accidents. Additionally, avoid going near ditches because the storm’s intense rainfall can cause water levels to increase very quickly.

On August 1, during thunderstorms, large hailstones fell from the sky and struck a house in Alberta, Canada. There were reports of damage there (Video: Kody Horvey via Storyful)

Instead, pull off the road far enough so that the windscreen of your automobile faces the hail.

Windshields are strengthened to withstand pushing and pelting objects from the front, according to the Oklahoma DOT says . “Back glass and side windows are not; they are simpler to smash.”

YOUR VEHICLE WILL PROTECT YOU Safety experts advise reclining down in your car seat and, if at all possible, facing the windows. Additionally, to prevent any shards of glass from striking you, cover yourself with any accessible things, such as a blanket, jacket, or sweatshirt.

Despite how terrifying it may be to stay in the car and the want to flee for cover, experts advise doing so until the hail has passed.

According to the National Weather Service, hailstones the size of a grapefruit can fall at a rate of about 100 mph. That may result in severe harm.

The DOT claims that “your car will offer reasonable protection.”

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