What is known about the victims of the Raleigh shooting from the teenager’s deadly spree

Family and friends of the five victims mourn the abrupt loss of their loved ones who were killed in a 15-year-old suspect’s horrific act of murder during a shooting spree on Thursday in Raleigh, North Carolina.

According to WNCN, Wake County District Attorney Lorri Freeman filed a juvenile petition against the suspect on Thursday with the intention of taking the case to the Supreme Court and charging him as an adult. The suspect is still in serious condition.

Just after 5 o’clock in the evening, the 15-year-old is accused of shooting the five victims within a two-mile radius between the middle-class golfing enclave of Hedingham in Raleigh and the neighborhood’s Neuse River Greenway.

What is now known about the five people who died is as follows:
North Carolina officials identify the victims of the shooting in Raleigh, including a police officer and a 16-year-old boy.

GARCIA TORRES, 29 Gabriel Torres, a 29-year-old Raleigh police officer, was also a U.S. Marine, a spouse, and the father of a daughter who was two years old. According to officials, he was shot as he was leaving for work after finishing his shift.

On Osprey Cove Drive, where the shooter is said to have started firing, lived Torres.
5 People Died in a Shooting in North Carolina, Including an Off-Duty Police Officer; the Suspect Is in Custody
If Torres was responding to the incident while off-duty when he was slain has not been disclosed by Raleigh police.

Back The Blue NC is holding a fundraiser in Torres’ honor, with 100% of the money raised going to his family, according to a GoFundMe page for him titled “Benefit for the Family of Officer Torres.”

According to Carl Bailey, president of the Teamsters Law Enforcement League, “Gabriel Torres epitomized the essential values of the Raleigh Police Department—service, courage, fairness, integrity, and compassion.” Officer Torres lived his whole adult life as a hero and devoted protector — both of his country and his community — from his service in the military to his work as a law enforcement officer. Every Teamster should emulate him by setting a good example.

16-year-old JAMES ROGER THOMPSON Thompson, a junior at Knightdale High School in Knightdale, North Carolina, was the brother of the 15-year-old shooter. At the same high school, his brother was a sophomore.

In a statement released on Friday, Knightdale High School Principal Keith Richardson said, “It is an unexpected loss, and we are grieved by it.” “Our sympathies, thoughts, and prayers are with James’ family, the other victims, their families, and everyone who was affected by yesterday’s tragedy,” the statement reads.

Following the shooting, the school and the school system provided counseling to children in need of assistance.

NICOLE CONNORS, age 52 Tracey Howard, Nicole Connors’ husband, called the 52-year-old “a fine, kind lady” and “bubbly” to ABC11 .


He informed the newspaper that “everyone in the area knew her.”

Nicole and their dog, Sammy, were found shot dead on their front porch by Tracey Howard. Following the incident, a neighbor was also hurt and lying on the ground close by, according to ABC11.

We currently seem to be wandering through a daze, Tracey said.

51 SUSAN KARNATZ Sue Karnatz was a mother, wife, and runner. Tom Karnatz, her husband, said she also had a dog named Lucy, who she walked every morning.

“We had large plans together, as well as smaller ones.” Together, we made plans for exciting adventures as well as for the routine days in between. Both as empty nesters and as a family with the boys, we had plans. Together, we made preparations for our latter years. always in concert. Those intentions have now been abandoned,’ Karnatz stated in a Facebook post on Friday.

Sue Karnatz was a mother, wife, and runner. Tom Karnatz, her husband, said she also had a dog named Lucy, who she walked every morning.

We have both significant and insignificant memories together, he said in his article. We share memories of happy occasions as well as those of mundane moments in between. We have shared memories going back to before the boys arrived, as well as numerous memories of the boys. Memories together, forever and ever.

34. MARY MARSHALL Mary Marshall owned a dog and was set to marry Robert Steele.

“This woman meant everything to me…” Steele titled a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for funeral expenses. Marry Marshall She meant a lot to her family—her parents, sister, and I. Please assist us in paying her the proper tribute.

Mary Marshall owned a dog and was set to marry Robert Steele.
Marcille Lynn Gardner, another injured victim, was shot only days before her 60th birthday and is still in serious condition.

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