Your phone may have been hacked. Here’s how to do it.

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Over the years, I’ve heard from a lot of folks who have experienced cyberstalking. Sadly, modern technology makes it far too simple.

Consider Apple AirTags as an illustration. They can provide the owner with precise location information and are inexpensive, tiny, and simple to conceal. Here are six signs to look for if you suspect someone is tracking you this way.

Then there are others who believe someone is reading their texts or listening to their calls. I think there might be something going on at times. Sometimes, paranoia has taken hold. Heres how to know if youre being stalked or are just paranoid.

Finding out if your phone has been compromised is not always simple. The following advice will help you identify a compromised phone.

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What causes this to occur in the first place?

To hack into your phone, a person doesn’t necessarily need to be a hacker. When you’re sleeping, someone may hold your phone to your face and unlock it. With only this one action, they can look through your smartphone secretly.

There is also software that accomplishes the task. Stalkerware is intended to follow you using your location, call logs, messages, photos, browsing history, and other methods. Behind another app that appears to be unimportant, this malware may be concealed. Tap or click for six signs stalkerware could be on your phone.

Your phone may become infected by malicious links and files without your knowledge. Even seemingly innocent PDF files can contain dangerous information. Because of this, clicking carefully is crucial.

How about apps? Unreliable downloads may mimic well-known applications or attempt to con you into downloading and using them. When you do this, malware is installed on your phone.

There is also a much more focused technique known as SIM swapping. In order to disconnect your previous connection and transfer everything to the criminal’s device, a criminal phones your phone company while posing as you and asking for a new SIM card.

Tap or click for three ways to stop this scary attack.

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Observe the indicators
How can you find out whether your phone has been compromised? Here are some warning signs:

Your phone may become sluggish due to a high number of concurrent processes or from a single problem such as malware using up a lot of resources. Your phone may become hot as a result of this.

Your battery is depleting considerably more quickly than normal.
Significant increases in data usage may be a sign of malware like adware that operates covertly.
Spammy pop-ups are a reliable sign that a malicious program is installed on your phone.

Malware can cause your internet to slow down by diverting your traffic to risky servers or just using up all of your bandwidth to steal additional data from you or target other people.

On your phone, there may be some indications, such as emails that you don’t recall sending or odd social media posts.

Tap or click for five signs your email inbox has been hacked and the steps you should take to lock it down .

How to stop hackers from accessing your phone
A little effort can go a long way in preventing malware and hackers from accessing your phone.

Keep your phone updated with the most recent security updates and fixes first. We let you know about those who are on Tap or click here to try my free email newsletters to get the alerts right to your inbox.

Turn on two-factor authentication for each account that supports it. Read my guide to all things 2FA.
Don’t click links that are questionable or uninvited. This includes those in emails, internet advertisements, and messages from friends.

Remember to use your home network. Tap or click here for tips on securing it to keep snoops and bad actors out .

Your students are kept safe at school by

iPhones have magnets and other components that emit potentially disruptive electromagnetic waves, Apple warns. (iStock)


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