After she claimed that the emu in her care had the avian flu, experts advised against hugging and petting the animal, describing it as “very risky.”

Emu famous on TikTok Its owner revealed that Emmanuel recently became ill with avian flu. Since then, she has been sharing pictures of herself holding and kissing Emmanuel, which has concerned experts. They have used Twitter to caution her against such interaction and claim that the virus is harmful to others. Morning Brew is read by more than 3 million people; you should too! Thank you for registering! The owner of a TikTok-famous emu has been seen in images and videos kissing and cuddling the bird when he has avian influenza, which may be fatal and is spread to humans. This has experts on Twitter concerned.

Emmanuel the emu, who resides at Knuckle Bump Farms in South Florida, rose to celebrity on TikTok earlier this year after appearing in several videos in which his carer Taylor Blake was filming with other animals and he interrupted her.

With millions of views, Blake’s firm warning to the bird, “Emmanuel, don’t do it!” became a catchphrase that went viral among fans.

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