Twitter horrified by Biden’s remarks in an interview on transgender surgery and using the restroom in public: “Miles ahead of their skis”


President Biden’s comments that it is wrong for states to ban “gender-affirming care” and that people should use public facilities according on their gender identity astounded conservative Twitter users.

Biden responded to numerous inquiries pertaining to young Americans in an interview with the left-leaning publication NowThis News. At one point, 25-year-old transgender comic book creator and actor Dylan Mulvaney questioned Biden on whether governments should have the authority to “limit gender-affirming healthcare.”

I believe that no state or individual should have the authority to do that. This is true both morally and legally. Biden remarked, “I just think it’s wrong.

Even as it pushes transgender hormonal treatments on children, the Biden administration funds research on the risks involved.

He continued by mentioning his late son Beau, who as the previous attorney general of Delaware had enacted the widest piece of gender-affirming legislation in all of America. Biden also expressed worry about the possibility of denying access to certain treatments or medications to Americans who identify as transgender.

I feel very strongly that you should be able to exercise every single right, including the right to use the restroom that best reflects your gender identity when in public, said Biden.

When questioned whether Biden’s remarks also applied to Americans under the age of 18, the White House did not react right away.
Conservative Twitter users who were shocked by the news stated that it was a bad position for Biden to be in before the November elections.
Not exactly the winning midterm message, according to Miranda Devine of the New York Post.

Popular right-wing account Libs of TikTok responded, “Just so we’re clear- the official Democratic party view now is that puberty blockers and sex reassignment surgery for youngsters is good.”

Under the BIDEN administration, transgender women must register for the military draft whereas trans men are given a pass.

The former attorney general Bill Barr was quoted by Daily Wire senior writer Ryan Saavedra in response to the film, saying that the present attacks on traditional and religious values are the consequence of leftists’ “planned devastation” rather than a widespread moral decline.

Benjamin Weingarten, the deputy editor of Real Clear Investigates, stated, “All you need to know about the Democrat Party.”
Other well-known Twitter users also blasted Biden for his position.
A number of documents promoting hormone therapies and gender-reassignment surgery for kids were previously published by the Biden administration.

Gender Affirming Care and Young People is a report that the Office of Population Affairs of the Department of Health and Human Services published in March. The National Child Traumatic Stress Network of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, a division of the HHS, also produced a document on the same day titled “Gender-Affirming Care Is Trauma-Informed Care.”

The HHS records outline what they refer to as suitable therapies for transgender teens, which include: “Top” surgery – to sculpt a chest that is more like a man’s or to accentuate breasts; and “Bottom” surgery, which includes feminization of the face or other treatments involving the genitalia or reproductive organs.

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