Fans of Kim Kardashian are criticizing bookmakers for offering odds on who she will date after Pete Davidson.

Early in August, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson called it quits on their nine-month relationship. Odds on who Kardashian will date next have recently been made available on several betting platforms. Social media users have denounced the businesses, calling their behavior “gross” and “disgusting.” Morning Brew is read by more than 3 million people; you should too! Kim Kardashian’s supporters are calling the practice of publishing odds on who will be Kardashian’s next boyfriend on betting platforms “disgusting” and “sick.”

Following Kardashian’s separation with comedian Pete Davidson in the first week of August, a number of celebrity news accounts started tweeting about how certain online casinos were giving bettors odds on who Kardashian will date next.

Political pundit Van Jones, who previously refuted allegations that he was dating Kardashian according to E! News , and her ex-husband Ye, now known as Kanye West, were among the well-known names that appeared on multiple posts.

Insider was able to identify two online casinos, Odds Shark , and OddsChecker, that have published lists on their website or social media sites, despite the posts, which immediately went viral, not mentioning any specific businesses. These businesses have not yet replied to Insider’s request for comment, so it is unknown if they are taking bets on these odds.

Many Twitter users opposed turning betting companies’ coverage of Kardashian’s personal life into a game.

(@Makeit knasty) Krystal August 14, 2022 “Even though I don’t like it, this is truly disgusting. Why are you guys in such a rush that you’ll bet money on this?” a further party celebrity 0 .

Over the following days, word of the claimed list of odds spread on TikTok. Users screenshotted the lists and shared their comments on them in their videos, many of which were unfavorable.

In her TikTok video, @laurenisgossip celebrity 1, who goes by the handle @laurenisgossip, included screenshots of numerous lists with the statement, “How is this even legal, it’s messed up,” garnering 340,000 views and 16,000 likes.

The TikToker remarked, “This one is the most ludicrous list of names that I have seen,” as she uploaded a screenshot of a list that included Andrew Tate and Jeff Bezos as potential candidates for Kardashian’s next partner.

celebrity 2 This is messed up; how is it even legal.

celebrity 3 In a video with 380,000 views, an celebrity 4 by the name of @ m0 g published screenshots of the lists and commented, “You guys are pushing it to the nth degree with this one,” adding, “Our generation is so down terrible with betting.”

Federal law in the US now considers gambling legal, although state laws vary.

Nine months ago, Kardashian and Davidson made their relationship known to the public. Both first faced criticism from admirers who were dubious about the 13-year age difference between the two. In an April interview with celebrity 5, Kardashian addressed the age gap, saying, “Any positive energy is what you should aim for. It doesn’t even matter if it is older or younger.”

Due to their hectic schedules, the couple found it “very difficult to maintain a relationship,” according to an anonymous source who spoke to the site on August 6, celebrity 6.

Insider’s request for comment was not immediately answered by Kardashian’s or Davidson’s representatives.
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