Greg Gutfeld: The polarization of the media is being caused by long-term Trump derangement syndrome.

The panelists on “Gutfeld!” offer their opinions on a recent University of Pennsylvania study that suggests cable news networks have become more divisive over the past ten years.

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Read this article. We’re back where we were. Good morning, everyone. After that conversation with human resources, we stopped calling it “Hump Day.” But it’s such a pleasure to have you here. Look at her, the beautiful Patti Ann Browne is back. She appears lovely. She should be stopped at the door by security. Who, though, could refuse that smile? Jamie Lissow, one of our Alaskan friends, is also. I can’t see it from my house or anyone else’s, Sarah Palin once remarked about Jamie’s professional career.

So, after “China’s b——,” what other epithet has been used the most recently to characterize America? Would “polarized” work? We were at each other’s necks, according to every expert and media crank. If you’re in a New York City subway or worse, married to this, it might even be true. “Hillary Clinton Picture” But generally speaking, you’ll see people getting along if you visit the park, the grocery store, or the gym, places where Jayme Lissow naps.

The axiom “leave me alone, unless I ask for help and I will do the same” is pretty much how Americans get by. The exact terms that Kat uses to talk to her tapeworm. We do know your secret, yes. So why do people think we are hostile toward one another? The myth, however, originates from a 50-foot-high pile of feces. The press, which is the least popular item since Ben and Jerry’s Chunks of Squirrel ice cream, constantly seeks for controversy in order to boost ratings and keep the public on edge. They have the ability to prolong a mass shooting for weeks, leading to copycat shootings that resemble ten-part miniseries rather than actual news events.

They have the power to convert a convoluted veteran’s bill into a conflict between those who support veterans and others who want them to perish. No one bothers to read the bill, not even me, so it’s obviously untrue but fascinating anyway since every story turns into a battle between two notion prisoners. According to a recent research from the University of Pennsylvania, cable news is more divisive now than it was ten years ago. Right, how is that even conceivable? “Geez, relax out, my brothers,” say Crips and Bloods members as they turn to face us. It’s true. I’m close to them. Therefore, it’s time for…

Greg’s quiz is spelled out for your convenience.

Therefore, the researchers assert that this division in the media truly took off after: A) Donald Trump’s election, B) Donald Trump’s election, C) all of the above, D) eggs? You must be aware of the solution. On the basis of their political convictions, their contributions, and their discoveries, researchers evaluated the guests who appeared on a channel and scored them on a bias scale.

Now consider this. our visitors are far more attractive. Unsurprising, I suppose. In other words, contrast and compare. It’s difficult to believe they are brothers; they are father and son. They didn’t disclose the information, so I have no idea what I’m saying, and I can only speculate. But they discovered Fox News to have a more conservative slant. I’m sure all of you are currently in disbelief, huh? Let’s record one of our devoted viewers hearing this on video.

The greatest trick ever is that. Yes, halt the presses, wait for Grandma, and locate Grandpa. Inform Mike Lindell to put his My Pillow down. It appears that we are not liberals. However, they also discovered that MSNBC and CNN are more left-leaning than ever, with CNN actually going bananas and topping the typically far nuttier MSNBC. And following Trump’s victory, this action became even more obvious.

Well done, boys, on the excellent detective work. This reminds me of a Dumbest Forensic Files episode. How did you assemble this challenging puzzle? Was it when Hunter’s credit card was refused after Trump’s victory caused the media to shed tears like strippers? I’m stunned by that image.

Let’s be clear: it is nonsense to claim that networks split apart after the election. Prior to Trump, we were quite far from being on the same page because no matter what we did, they always expressed a uniformly left-wing opinion. And the polarization was caused by a single poll, the libs, having to compete with a brand-new poll, us, rather than conflicting narratives. And the most recent poll, which merely reflected audience opinions rather than those of the anchors. That annoyed them. They lost the ability to listen because they were so accustomed to telling others what to think. Then they lost the ability to think. Because of this, we beat them with the force of a ketchup bottle. This makes removal more difficult.

Anyway. It’s stupid to just now realize this. They’re also making a wordplay comparison between apples and oranges, or rather apples and Don Lemons. P.A.B. I bet you didn’t catch all of it. They made comparisons between our opinion and the anchors’, such as Anderson Cooper. Do they not realize how absurd that is? Tucker provides comments, as do I, while Brett, Hemmer, and that other guy provide news on the weekends when they aren’t abusing large amounts of ketamine. Why do you think they are still so energetic at that time?

But because CNN is so conceited, they present their analysis as news when, in reality, it is nearly entirely commentary. They sincerely believe that even their opinions are facts, but they never offer criticism since doing so would entail self-awareness. Chris Cuomo oiling up his own pecs was the closest they got. I no longer perform it for him. However, this new study is important because it reveals the news divisions, which are the source of the division. Not us, though. We merely want everyone to enjoy themselves. I’m not only the king of late nights, after all. You do realize I’m the Rodney King of late night? What did he then say? Why are we all so incompatible? So amid all of this polarizing mess. Remember that it’s not us. It’s long Trump derangement syndrome, similar to long COVID. It will only get worse unless a vaccination is developed for it.

Currently, Greg Gutfeld is the anchor of “Gutfeld!” on FOX News Channel (FNC) (weekdays at 11 p.m. ET) and a co-host of “The Five” (weekdays at 5 p.m. ET). He began contributing to the network in 2007. He has written several novels. His most recent is “ The Plus: Self-Help for People Who Hate Self-Help .” For additional details on Greg Gutfeld, go here.

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