The largest threat to our country is communist China, and Biden is falling asleep at the wheel.

On “America Reports,” a Fox News program, host Bret Baier examines the implications of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan at a time when tensions with China are rising.

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No, I’m not referring to Hunter; I’m referring to the “Big Guy” himself.

During his opening remarks to Congress, President Joe Biden used a strong approach toward China. Biden puffed out his chest and declared, “We will defend America’s interests on every front,” to China’s Marxist leader. Though China is threatening to use military action against the U.S. Speaker of the House, it is becoming more and more obvious 15 months later that the president’s policies are benefiting Beijing much more than Scranton.

Amid military activity and threats from China, Nancy Pelosi arrives in Taiwan.
Just take a look at what’s going on in Congress right now.

Democrats in the Senate will vote to approve significant tax advantages for Chinese-made wind turbines, solar panels, and electric batteries with Biden’s support. The taxes are a part of the 725-page, Democrats-created recession-worshipping “Inflation Reduction Act,” which will raise taxes by hundreds of billions of dollars.

Additionally, $369 billion in American taxpayer money would be used to “turbocharge” the administration’s Green New Deal. It seems expensive to “decarbonize all sectors of the economy.”

Consumer tax credits for rooftop solar, $7,500 tax credits for new electric vehicles, and other comparable incentives are among of the bill’s more significant elements. What features do those share? Simply put, China More than 80% of the world’s solar-grade polysilicon and 76% of the world’s production of electric batteries are produced by the communist system.

FILE: IMG1 In Los Angeles, Vice President Biden addresses about supply-chain problems and inflation. (Damian Dovarganes/AP Photo)

Dems contend that without Beijing, America cannot become more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, Chinese businesses—rather than American ones—will gain from the increased incentives due to China’s dominance of these important sectors. Furthermore, the proposal really results in a $150 billion tax increase on American industry.

The president did this for what reason?

It’s a thoughtful query. He did, after all, promise during his campaign to “use the full authority of the federal government to enhance American economic and technical prowess and ensure the future is built in all of America by all of America’s workers.”

President Biden and those in charge of his government truly believe that the planet is warming up. Standing in front of a closed coal plant, the president declared last month that “climate change is actually a clear and present danger.” He genuinely thinks there is a “existential threat” here. And some elected Democrats even believe that by 2030, “the world will end.”

Sending a large sum of money to Beijing in a last-ditch effort to prevent the destruction of the world makes sense if you think that humanity is close to annihilation. But that’s just malarkey, to use a well-known expression. Such alarmism is not justified by even the most aggressive global warming models.

But “the science” is not the topic here. It has joined the triple-masking and encouraging teen transgender surgery as pillars of the current American left’s Marxist religion.

Additionally, it’s not the first time we’ve seen Biden prioritize the environment over the interests of the American economy and national security. The Biden administration discreetly opposed my measure to outlaw goods produced using slave labor in China last November.

Slave labor should never be used to benefit Americans. It is unethical and unpatriotic. That is why I took the initiative to stop the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from luring businesses and jobs away from America by exploiting slave labor.

Biden’s team opposed the initiatives rather than supporting them. According to The Dispatch, “top Biden officials were concerned that a ban on products from Xinjiang would undermine American climate ambitions.” Why would they be concerned? It all stems from China’s hegemony in these purportedly green technology. The primary component of solar panels, polysilicon, is produced in China using slave labor.

Before President Biden eventually indicated he might sign my bill into law, it took months of public humiliation. However, the fact that we were dealing with actual slaves was the only reason public shame was effective. Joe Biden has no shame when it comes to corporate interests, international politics, and climate alarmism.

FILE  President Biden speaking on the phone with Chinese President Xi Jinping on July 28, 2022.

FILE On July 28, 2022, President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke on the phone. (Washington, DC)

The CHIPS Act, a $280 billion package passed by Congress only last week, was purportedly created to thwart China’s expanding technology advancements. The massive subsidies to increase semiconductor production here in the United States were the main focus of corporate America. I agree with that objective, but the legislation itself was full with gaps that would have benefited China.

Companies receiving huge taxpayer subsidies will be able to increase high-tech chip manufacture in China as long as Biden’s CCP-friendly Commerce Department grants them a waiver. In order to migrate production away from China, we should employ all available tools, including the tens of billions going to these businesses, if the goal is to create more in America.

Furthermore, the new bill does little to stop China’s theft of American intellectual property and espionage. In fact, it keeps the loopholes open so that Chinese businesses can lawfully purchase the goods produced by this fresh public investment.

Supporters hold a banner outside the hotel where U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is supposed to be staying in Taipei, Taiwan, Tuesday, Aug 2, 2022.

On Tuesday, August 2, 2022, outside the hotel where U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is scheduled to stay in Taipei, Taiwan, supporters are holding a banner. Chiang Ying-ying/AP Photo

The largest threat to our nation is communist China, and Biden is falling asleep at the wheel. America is losing, whether it is due to its own frailty, incapacity, mistaken priorities, or all of the aforementioned.

Your tax monies are going to Beijing, the country with the highest greenhouse gas emissions, and to a government whose publicist just called for the murder of Nancy Pelosi in the name of preserving the environment. That means certain folks on Wall Street and in China are making money off of you, and every single Democrat in Washington is complicit in the game.

In the Senate, Florida is represented by Republican Marco Rubio.

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